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"Cash4Cases got me the money I needed quickly before my landlord was able to evict me and my family. Thank you!"
- Nellie V., Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you so much! Your online application was extremely fast and I was able to get the status of my application easily. I appreciate your promptness and attention to my case."
- Joan A., Miami, Florida

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There are many issues that a person seeking Lawsuit Funding should consider before picking the best Lawsuit Funding company for their needs. Most importantly, many Lawsuit Funding companies online depict themselves as direct lenders when in fact the majority of Lawsuit Loan companies are merely brokers, or “middle men” that refer the client to a direct lender for a fee. This fee is often hidden within the Lawsuit Loan contract as an “origination fee” and can add as much as an extra 20 percent to the amount that will have to be paid back by the applicant once their case settles! Cash4Cases is proud to be a direct lender of our Lawsuit Loans and therefore does not charge hidden fees.  While we work with brokers who send us their business, by applying directly to Cash4Cases , applicants are able to save significant amounts of money in hidden fees on Lawsuit Loans!


An additional caveat that we like to inform our applicants of is the fact that our Lawsuit Loans may be prepaid at any time. This is of importance because many times an applicant will only need the Lawsuit Funding for a short period of time. Cash4Cases is one of the few Lawsuit Funding companies that allows a client to prepay the Lawsuit loan before their case settles.  Other Lawsuit Funding companies do not allow prepayment for the simple reason that they prefer to have a larger amount of interest for the applicant to have to pay back once their case settles.


Lastly, it is important to choose a Lawsuit Funding company that has experience evaluating cases. Cash4Cases was founded by attorneys and therefore understands the limited time constraints many of them have. Rather than waste an attorneys precious time that could otherwise be used to litigate his cases, Cash4Cases has streamlined the application process making it easier for both the applicant and his or her attorney with our 4 step process.  Our underwriters have reviewed thousand of cases involving Lawsuit Funding New York, Lawsuit Funding New Jersey, Lawsuit Funding Boston, Lawsuit Funding Florida, as well as most all states in the US and parts of Canada. While our home office is located in New York City, once a client is approved and he or she signs the Lawsuit Funding contract, his or herLawsuit Loan check is then sent out via overnight mail.  For this reason Lawsuit Funding New York, Lawsuit Funding New Jersey, Lawsuit Funding Boston, Lawsuit Funding Florida as well as clients in most other states in the US will have their Lawsuit Loan check in as little as 24 hours from the time that their Lawsuit Funding contract is signed.

 Cash4Cases is the premier source for your lawsuit funding needs. Here’s how you can get started with your lawsuit loan immediately:

1. Complete our quick and easy online application
2. A Cash4Cases Lawsuit Loans Representative will contact you and your attorney to request your records to evaluate your case
3. We will contact you to let you know the amount you are approved for and the interest rate, and then, with your signature and approval,
4. A check is sent to you via over night mail.

It’s only natural for you to assume that this type of money can’t possibly come that easy to any one, well, it does, and it’s at NO RISK to you. Here’s why:

  • You only have to repay your lawsuit funding loan if you win your case, if you don’t win the case the money is still yours to keep
  • Cash4Cases understands that you are in a time crunch to get your funding and as a result, we have streamlined the application process
  • We offer you the lowest interest rates in the industry

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