Civil Rights

Civil Rights Violations

Freedom of speech, the right to vote, freedom from involuntary servitude, press and assembly, and the right to equality when you’re in a public place. These are all examples of civil rights that could be brought into question in a lawsuit.

When your civil rights have been violated, it is only natural to want to take action and receive compensation for your suffering. However, people will often not pursue compensation or accept an unfair settlement because of how it affects their finances. But since it is not right for someone to violate your civil rights, we also think it is not right for you to settle for anything less than you are entitled to.

At our core we are all about making your life easier financially while you fight for what you deserve.

If you are about to engage in, or are in the middle of, a civil rights lawsuit, we can provide you with funding to cover your expenses until you receive your settlement. And as with all of the other cases we fund, if you do not win, you do not pay us a single cent back.


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I want to thank you again for your help in obtaining funds for my law suit which has not yet settled. Your service is invaluable for people, like myself, who are in a hard situation and need to access money and have a pending law suit.

Mary Chepak and Family

Cash4Cases got me the money I needed quickly before my landlord was able to evict me and my family. Thank you!

Nellie V., Brooklyn, NY

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