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The results of a lawsuit should not be based on who has the money.

Unfortunately, this is usually the case, On average, personal injury cases take upwards of three years to reach a settlement – comfortable for corporate defendants (insurance company, businesses) – but a long time for a person who cannot work and needs to make ends meet.

The result is usually an unfair settlement for the litigant or plaintiff

Stop the Unfair Settlement Game

Litigation financing can help you get the lawsuit funding that you need, without waiting for a payout from your legal settlement.

Lawsuit funding levels the unfair playing field by giving plaintiffs the financial assistance to help plaintiffs survive financially while waiting for their case to resolve. 

It is essentially risk free. If you do not receive your settlement funds, you will not need to repay the funding.

“So tell me again in simple terms; what is Lawsuit Funding?”

In straightforward terms, once approved, Cash4Cases advances you money until you receive funding from your settlement. Once you receive funds,
you pay back Case4Cases, plus a small carrying charge on the funds advanced.

If you do not receive settlement funds, you owe nothing.

What other options are there?

There are many alternatives to lawsuit funding; most can turn to credit cards and personal loans for funding while they wait for litigation to be resolved. The problem with this method is even if your lawsuit is unsuccessful, you are still required to pay back your debt.

If you have bad credit or cannot work, a bank will not give you a loan. A bank does not recognize that your lawsuit is an asset. Cash4Cases can, and as a result, a person who is in a bind because they cannot work or do not have enough assets may still be entitled to lawsuit funding pending their settlement.