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Cash4Cases was founded by attorneys and is a member of the New York Lawyers Trial Association. As a nationwide legal funding company, we are proud of the thousands of people that we have been able to help with their lawsuit funding over the years. Some have allowed us to share their story with you in our testimonials page. Cash4Cases settlement loans support is extended to our clients needs, whether they have pending or settled automobile accidents, breach of contract cases, personal injury cases, patent protection, nursing home malpractice and so many other scenarios. Cash4Cases understands that many of our applicants are in dire need for money to meet their living expenses and basic necessities. As a result we have developed a 4 step plan to help our clients receive their legal funding quickly and easily.

If you or someone you know is in need of legal funding today, call 800-555-4356 today to get started on the fastest and easy way to obtain your lawsuit loan. One of our representatives will walk you through our application process and get it reviewed in no time. Cash4Cases makes lawsuit funding more than just possible; we make it fast, easy and worry-free.

Importantly, Cash4Cases is a direct funding source for lawsuit settlement funding. This means that by applying directly to Cash4Cases you avoid having to pay hidden “broker fees” charged by other companies that do not actually fund their own clients.

We look forward to helping you and your loved ones with their lawsuit funding in the near future.