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Funding is Risk Free!
If you lose your case, you owe nothing!
Cash4Cases takes on all of the risk. If you do not receive settlement funds, you are not required to repay Case4Cases.

Applying is fast and simple

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Assignment of a Funding Specialist

Cash4Cases assigns you a personal funding specialist that will have experience in your specific case type. This specialist is available to you to answer questions, work with your attorney, and make sure you have all the proper documentation so we can review your case properly.

We Cooperate with Your Attorney

We will contact your attorney on your behalf to request the documentation/materials related to your case. It is not mandatory that your attorney agrees with the litigation funding for you to acquire funds, but you should consider your attorney’s opinion on anything to do with your litigation. If we have your attorney’s support, we can review your case properly.

We Review Your Case for Approval

A decision to fund can be made within one hour for all settled cases and motor vehicle accident cases. Other cases are decided within 24 hours. If you are approved, the amount and carrying charge is determined by the strength of the lawsuit.

Once You are Approved

We inform you of the funding and the carrying charge you are approved for. Our carrying charges are some of the lowest in the business (1%-3% Monthly);  and you do not pay until your case is settled.

You decide to continue

After we inform you of the carrying charge and the legal funding amount you are approved for, Cash4Cases will send you a contract for your review. If for any reason you are not happy with the amount of the funding or the carrying charge you are approved for, there is no obligation to continue – absolutely free of charge! If you decide to continue, you sign the contract and we can send the funds the following day.

Use the funds received

Statistics show the top three best economic uses of law suit loans are:

To cover living expenses and bills… especially if your suit involves a personal injury that has taken you out of work or sees you having to cut down on your hours.

To cover out-of-pocket medical expenditures from the past or present… in the case of personal injury, you might not see deep pocket expenditures covered until your case settles.

To cover the buying/repair of a vehicle… if your case involves the destruction of or needed repair of your vehicle you might need to replace or repair it now.

The money is yours, spend it on what you need!