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Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination is classified as any form of prejudice or discrimination that is based solely upon sex, religion, race, mental disability, age, physical disability, or national origin. If you feel as though you have been unjustly fired because of your disability, or if you feel as though you did not get a promotion because of your religion, then you certainly have grounds to sue. If you have lost your job, however, then you might struggle to pay the fees involved with hiring a lawyer. We feel as though every single person who has experienced employment discrimination should have the option to get the compensation they deserve, and that is why we will pay for any fees involved during your case.

It doesn’t matter whether you have bad credit and cannot get a loan or whether you simply want some assistance covering your fees while you get back up on your feet, we cater for a huge range of situations and you only pay back the money if you win your case. We understand that settling for a low amount may put you in a bad situation, especially if you have lost your position over the discrimination. That is why we will work diligently to ensure that you have every chance of success by giving you the financial support you need to pursue your case to the highest possible level. Whether you have been rejected because of your national origin, or simply because you are considered too young for the position when no requirements are in place, we can help you get compensation for the discrimination that you unjustly experienced.

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