The average American carries more keys with them than a janitor or a bank manager did 30 years ago – and while they don’t jingle while we walk or weigh down our belts and bags, the toll of such a task certainly has a weight. Creating a secure password is a must for the connected citizen – more than ever with online banking, online shopping, WiFi security, mobile devices, and internet accounts. Several mindsets help to create a strong, unbreakable password: A pass-phrase is worth a thousand passwords Mixing random characters and numbers can be a good place to start, and there are several online generators for such methods, but it isn’t ideal. A password should be nearly impossible for another person to deduce while also being memorable.

Six Steps to Creating a Stronger Password

  1. Choose an old/current phone number without the area code, could be yours, your parents, or your friends, something really memorable  (example: 239-5267)
  2. Pick a keyword that is meaningless to you, this is very important (example: apple)
  3. Combine the two, this is where it starts to get fun and your options open up,    (example 1:  apple2395267) or (example 2: 2395267apple)
  4. Now choose a capital letter in your keyword. Once again the options are open, in our example there are five different choices of letters in the word apple that could be capitalised.  (example: apPle)
  5. Now choose a Symbol (example: #)
  6. Combine everything  (example: !apPle2395267)

You just made a password that should meet most login requirements, should be extremely hard to guess, yet easy for you to remember.

Want to get creative??

What is even better are the options you have to change it up look below for a few examples.







Those passwords above would be difficult for anyone to remember