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Many clients ask us what the carrying charge on a Lawsuit Cash Advance is. In fact, our rates are the lowest in the industry, ranging from 1 percent to 3 percent. The actual carrying charge of the Lawsuit Cash Advance is determined by the strength of the applicant’s lawsuit. For example, if a client seeks a personal injury Lawsuit Cash Advance with very minor injuries and the liability is in question, Cash4Cases may approve the client for a Lawsuit Cash Advance with an carrying charge of 3 percent. However if a client seeks a personal injury Lawsuit Cash Advance that has suffered major injuries and has a very strong basis, Cash4Cases will be able to approve the client for a personal injury Lawsuit Cash Advance with an carrying charge of 1 percent.

Importantly, Cash4Cases will let you know the exact carrying charge along with the amount of the Lawsuit Loan you are approved for before you make the decision of whether you would like to continue with the process of signing the contract. Lawsuit Funding from Cash4Cases is easy – If for any reason you are not happy with the amount of the Lawsuit Loan and the carrying charge you are approved for, there is no obligation to continue – absolutely free of charge!

Litigation financing can help you get the law cash that you need, without waiting for a payout from your legal settlement. In many instances, it is litigation financing that makes it possible for individuals to obtain crucial financing sooner rather than later, making payment of urgent bills possible.

There are many ways to spend your litigation financing loan. Many people use it to pay medical bills or other expenses as a result of the injuries received. You may also use the lawsuit cash advance to cover expenses that you cannot pay for otherwise due to the inability to work as a result of your injuries.

Litigation financing can be defined as borrowing money until you receive funding from your settlement. The positive to lawsuit cash advance is that to the consumer, it is essentially risk free, as if you do not receive your settlement funds, you will not need to repay the litigation financing. This is one of the most important differences between lawsuit cash advance and a bank loan, as a bank loan must be repaid regardless of the outcome, whereas in this case, if you lose your case, you do not need to repay the lender. This is of course very risky for the lender, and as a result there, are some basic requirements.

There are some obligatory requirements, which should be carried out in order to receive litigation funding. The Cash4cases should be ensured that the defendants will not file or has ever filed for bankruptcy. Moreover, cooperation from your attorney (in terms of delivering materials pertinent to the case) is crucial so that Cash4cases could review the case. Before being provided with lawsuit cash advance for any legal procedure, a review must take place to decide whether the case will justify funding.

Cash4Cases Inc. is a successful provider of lawsuit cash advance and accepts a variety of legal cases. Litigation funding concerning various cases, such as: personal injury cases, commercial, malpractice and medical cases is available. Approval for lawsuit cash advance takes several hours as you can complete an online application to be reviewed as soon as possible. Upon approval of your lawsuit cash advance application, you can receive your check as soon as the following day.

1. Complete online quote.
2. We contact your attorney.
3. Approval decision made.
4. Check sent overnight.